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Porcelain Wood

Porcelain Wood. The warmth and charm of wood grains are authentically replicated with tile.

Hardwood adds warmth and considerable beauty to spaces, but it’s also prone to damaging scuffs and scratches and requires a fair amount of maintenance. That’s why many homeowners and professionals turn to wood tiles to provide the same aesthetic charm with little upkeep beyond regular cleanings with soap and water. One of the most popular benefits of wood tiles is superior moisture resistance, which allows for the look of wood in any room, including water-prevalent areas like kitchens and bathrooms.

Porcelain wood tiles offer an authentic natural look, mimicking in-demand species like maple, birch, beachwood, oak, and more. With the same versatility as wood, tiles can be easily combined with popular countertop and flooring materials for a truly best-of-all-worlds home design solution.

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