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Our Story
A story of inspiration.

Virginia Tile was founded in 1928 by the Stephenson Family in the wholesale building supply industry. It was born from hard work and a dedication to service. A customer-first spirit has been in our DNA ever since.

Our founders moved the operations from Virginia to Michigan, seizing the opportunity offered by the growth of the booming automobile industry in Detroit.

Through the years, Virginia Tile built on a firm foundation of service while expanding its influence on design. Over the decades, we embraced the power of design, curating from the finest manufacturers in the world, and creating a clear path from inspiration to installation. And from residential to commercial.

Today we are coveted as a premier provider of porcelain, ceramic, stone, glass, metal, and mosaic design solutions. In select regions we also provide resilient flooring and woodworking products. We are far more than a tile supplier. In our souls, we are artists, consultants, and dreamers, helping our customers fulfill their visions. By beginning with the end in mind, our entire organization is built to actively listen, passionately recommend, actively dream alongside, and ultimately, to help create the extraordinary. 

A collection of greatness.

In 2016, Virginia Tile acquired two leading peers in the industry, ISC Surfaces and RBC Tile and Stone, allowing us to expand our presence and serve more customers with vast resources and localized passion.

ISC Surfaces.

Interstate Supply Company was founded in the 1940s by James G. Alfring. The company was headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri, and began as a distributor of RCA radios, records, and televisions along with a variety of Whirlpool appliances. In the 1960s, the company added flooring to their diverse offerings. With a spirit of service, and a passion for design, the company evolved to focus exclusively on the floor covering industry. Through acquisitions, partnerships, and organic growth, ISC Surfaces became a giant in the tile industry. Now residing under the Virginia Tile umbrella. The acquisition was far more than a simple increase in business and footprint — it has been a successful marriage of like-minded companies who share a passion for customer service, design excellence, and a joyful experience. Always.

RBC Tile and Stone.

Founded by Rollin B. Child Inc. in Hopkins, Minnesota, in 1959, RBC began with the countertop and floor in mind. The company used its exceptional relationships and an extraordinary reputation as an opportunity to grow over the decades to follow, expanding its product offerings, its geographic footprint, and its ability to help more customers with more projects. Virginia Tile is proud and privileged to serve those same customers today. It’s Midwest spirit of work ethic, integrity, and follow-through fully complements Virginia Tile’s roots, vision, and highly human process. It’s the very best of design intersecting with results, and passion intersecting with purpose.

Geographic Coverage.

We’ve grown substantially from our humble beginnings in rural Virginia. Today, Virginia Tile operates 20 strategically located showrooms and distribution facilities. We’re proud to serve as the premier tile distributor in the Midwest United States.



Looking ahead.

As we look forward, we aim to become the starting point for designers. The go-to resource for architects. The inspirational spark for homeowners. And a true partner for our hardworking dealers.

We’re here to inspire. We’re here to elevate. And, just like day one, we’re here to serve.



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