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WOW Pottery

This porcelain collection is inspired in Crafts and the part of the Japanese culture anchored in pottery, that emphasized the properties and natural forms of clay: Artistic purity, a taste for less treated natural materials and pristine freshness.

This new collection artfully blends all the beloved essentials of Pottery into tile form by embracing the beauty of its imperfections. With its earthy and less austere colors, reminiscent of sand and sea, the collection has a strong connection to nature and its elements.

Thick textures, austere and simple decorations conferring together with the forms sobriety and dignity. Refined and serene colors. Objects that show their dependence on the earth.

The two sizes offered, along with the addition of the Cosmos Decos, allow for a variety of pattern play. The gold deco, sold by the piece, could be the perfect amount of sheen and glamour added here and there, or be used as a dramatic focal point. 
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