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WOW Alchemist

The WOW Alchemist collection is ceramic in essence, where the color application is its main premise. WOW presents a color chart that is shiny, translucid and specially developed to defy the laws of gravity – its glaze accumulation effect is in the high relief instead of the lower areas.

An alchemist is defined as a person or process ‘who creates something through a seemingly magical process’— that fascination is reflected in the glaze application of this tile. Its six translucent glaze options can be applied to both a flat body and beveled tile option, creating an installation that is defined by the accumulation and pooling of the color on the tile body.

Available in two complementary profiles, a minimalistic one and a beveled that enhances the glazes’ properties, both in six beautiful colors to stimulate your senses. Innovative solutions, creatively adapted.

Alchemist presents an overall soothing and neutral aesthetic while offering a surface that is intriguing and sophisticated enough to stand out in any thoughtful design environment.
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