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Virginia Tile in the World of Hospitality


Virginia Tile has been a pioneer in the tile and stone industry, providing top-notch solutions for both residential and commercial spaces. We shine a spotlight, thanks to our A & D Reps: Darryl Green and Nikki Stelloh, on some of our remarkable commercial projects, showcasing the versatility and durability that Virginia Tile brings to various settings.


Brine Oyster House: A Seafood Haven with Coastal Elegance

Nestled in a vibrant community, the Oyster Bar’s design seamlessly blends sophistication with a touch of maritime charm. Virginia Tile’s products played a crucial role in creating an ambiance that reflects the restaurant’s identity. Tiles reminiscent of ocean waves, combined with elegant neutrals, contribute to an inviting atmosphere. The durability and easy maintenance of Virginia Tile’s products ensure that the Oyster Bar maintains its aesthetic appeal despite the demanding nature of the restaurant industry.


Boulangerie Le Rouge Bakery:  A French Inspired Bakery 

On the main street in a small city outside of Detroit, a bakery stands out not just for its delectable treats but also for its thoughtfully designed interior. Our Tiles provide a perfect canvas for the bakery’s aesthetic, marrying warmth and inspiration. The earthy tones and textured surfaces create a welcoming environment, making customers feel right at home. The tiles’ resilience against heavy foot traffic ensures the bakery remains a delightful destination for patrons.



Virginia Tile Partners with Spellman Brady & Company on New Starfire Restaurant in Friendship Village of Tempe: 

Photographer: Alise O’Brian

Virginia Tile’s unwavering commitment to durability ensures that the restaurant not only exudes elegance but also stands up to the rigors of high-traffic use. Our dedicated team collaborates closely with architects and designers, striving to find the perfect tiles that not only meet aesthetic preferences but also satisfy all necessary code requirements. This meticulous approach guarantees a harmonious blend of aesthetics, durability, and compliance for an exceptional and lasting dining experience

Photographer: Alise O’Brian


Virginia Tile’s commercial projects demonstrate the company’s commitment to delivering exceptional solutions across diverse environments. From the maritime allure of an Oyster Bar to the functional elegance of a hospital, Virginia Tile’s products consistently contribute to spaces that are not only visually striking but also built to withstand the demands of their respective industries. As a trusted partner in design, Virginia Tile continues to elevate commercial spaces, providing lasting beauty and functionality.

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