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“The Windsor Balmoral House” Bargain Block Episode 7


Virginia Tile Elevates Bargain Block’s ‘The Windsor Balmoral House’ with Exquisite Tiles. Let’s delve into the stunning transformations brought to life by the exceptional selection of tiles:

Casablanca Black 4×4 Glossy:

Contrasting the pristine white, the Casablanca Black 4×4 Glossy tiles brought a sense of drama and depth to specific areas of the house. Used strategically, these tiles added a bold and luxurious touch, creating focal points that captured attention and emphasized the architectural details of the space. The combination of black and white showcased a classic and timeless design palette.

Concert Chess 2×2 Mosaic:

For a touch of creativity and visual interest, the Concert Chess 2×2 Mosaic tiles were incorporated into the design scheme. The intricate patterns and textures of these mosaic tiles added a layer of complexity to the floors, creating a unique and eye-catching feature. The Concert Chess mosaic tiles became a conversation starter, injecting personality and character into the home.

WOW Six Green 4.6×4.6:

Injecting a pop of color and vibrancy, the WOW Six Green 4.6×4.6 tiles brought life to specific spaces within ‘The Windsor Balmoral House.’ The bold green hue added a playful and refreshing element, creating a dynamic contrast against the neutral tones of other design elements. These tiles served as a statement piece, infusing energy and personality into the overall design.

Frost Snow 2×2 Matte:

In areas where a subtle and understated elegance was desired, the Frost Snow 2×2 Matte tiles took center stage. The matte finish exuded a soft and sophisticated charm, creating a calm and tranquil ambiance. These tiles became the perfect backdrop for various design elements, allowing other features of the space to shine while maintaining a cohesive and harmonious aesthetic.



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