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New Year, New Tile Design Trends: Elevate Your Space!


Ring in the new year with a fresh look for your living spaces using the latest tile design trends. Virginia Tile is thrilled to showcase a curated selection of exquisite tiles that will define interior design in 2024. Explore the top trends of the year with these stunning products.


Caesar Ceramiche Iconica: Timeless Elegance

Caesar’s collection, inspired by travertine, breathes new life into a venerable tradition. It skillfully adapts to contemporary tastes, offering both elegance and practicality. Designed for seamless integration into both indoor and outdoor spaces, the collection ensures a harmonious flow between these environments. With a commitment to timeless sophistication, Caesar bridges the gap between tradition and modernity, providing a versatile solution for spaces that demand both style and functionality.


Terra Bella Marble True Tones Porcelain: Nuanced Palette

Immerse yourself in the captivating allure of Terra Bella Marble True Tones Porcelain. The Morocco cross and star shape, modernized with a contemporary touch and a nuanced color palette, make it an exceptional choice for your next project. Introduce this classic tile into any space for a stunning focal point that effortlessly harmonizes tradition with contemporary flair.



Caesar Ceramics USA Waves: Coastal Chic 

Caesar Ceramics Waves mesmerizes with its vibrant spectrum of colors, creating a dynamic and sophisticated aesthetic. Drawing inspiration from the fluidity of spilled ink on paper, this tile uniquely interprets and tailors visual movements, guaranteeing a distinctive and modern ambiance for every space.




Marazzi USA Rhyme and Reason: Geometric Harmony

Explore the allure of Rhyme and Reason in 2024. This trending wall tile collection boasts a distinctive textured surface, unveiling bold patterns that infuse your design with depth and endless installation possibilities. Rhyme and Reason is a testament to cutting-edge design, inviting you to redefine sophistication in your space and embrace the newest aesthetics of the year.




Sonoma Tilemakers La Terrazza: Artisanal Allure

Elevate 2024 with La Terrazza  – Surround yourself in the authentic charm of La Terrazza, meticulously crafted in the heart of Italy, where centuries-old tradition seamlessly converges with the latest modern vibes. This collection intertwines fine Italian marbles within a luxuriously honed cement body, presenting eight perfectly curated colors that embody the essence of timeless sophistication.


Trends to Watch:

Embark on an inspiring design journey in 2024 with Virginia Tile’s meticulously curated selection of tiles that not only define but elevate interior trends. Whether seamlessly merging the timeless allure of tradition with the sleek edges of modernity or infusing spaces with captivating texture and patterns, the new year is  a time for fresh beginnings. Take the first step towards a renewed space by embarking on projects  that set the tone for the year ahead, ensuring a stylish and invigorating start to your design dreams.



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