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There are few things more visually impactful than a beautiful tile installation. With an endless assortment of colors, sizes and surface textures, there is no question that tile has been a mainstay in beautiful architecture and design throughout history.

But with so many beautiful surface applications to consider for your environment, why tile? While wood may enchant, quartz can sparkle and budget flooring solutions flood the market, why is it that tile remains the most well-rounded, thoughtful selection for your space? The reasons abound, but here are a few to consider:

HYGIENE - Perhaps not the most glamorous consideration, never has the innate cleanliness and ease of maintenance been more important to us than it is today. Fired at high temperatures, tile is inherently inhospitable to bacteria, microbes and mold. Its maintenance can be as simple as a sweep and light soap, but when the need arises to sterilize or sanitize, tile can stand up to the anti-bacterial cleansers that we have come to rely on to keep us safe. Waterproof by nature, it’s the key element to protecting wet spaces and areas exposed to moisture. Product Shown: Marazzi Marble Obsession
AIR QUALITY - Not only is the surface itself clean and tidy, tile contains no allergens and won’t allow air-born dust or pollen to penetrate its non-porous surface. It emits no Volatile Organic Substances (VOCs)---in fact, it’s virtually the only surface treatment that can make this claim. No plastic off-gassing, no formaldehyde, and none of the other scary-sounding emissions that can be attributed to other flooring and surface such as phthalates and organotin. Tile can withstand great heat and in the case of fire won’t warp, burn or melt or in any way cause additional harm to an environment exposed to flame. Product Shown: Mediterranea Soapstone
SUSTAINABILITY - Tile is made from the naturally occurring materials and has an outstanding life-cycle; its durability make is both economically practical and environmentally responsible. Many tile manufacturers across the globe have embraced impressive manufacturing models that reuse water and materials, minimizing waste and sending little to the landfills. In fact, some manufacturers utilize recycled glass, brick or chinaware in their clay formulas to further reduce the impact its production has on the environment. Product Shown: Sonoma Tilemakers Stellar

It’s easy to agree that good design is born of creativity and imagination, but as we build and renovate, update and expand, the materials we select will define the quality of the spaces we live in beyond what meets the eye.

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