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Pretty Pickets

Let’s get straight to the point: there are few things more charming than the architectural silhouette of a white picket fence. Essentially a six-sided elongated hexagon, the picket has made its way in to the tile world with a wide range of variations of this crisp and classy design module.

For homeowners who shy away from bold color statements in hard surfaces, the picket awaits as a striking remedy to the ho-hum of plain white tile.

Used horizontally, the picket gives a polite nod to the subway tile we love, but kicks it up a notch with the intrigue of peaked ends. Off-set or stacked, even a simple gloss white surface can sing with geometric interest and a play on proportion. Product Shown: WOW Gradient
Turned on its short edge and used vertically, a picket will draw the eye upward, high lighting the grandeur of a super sized ceiling height or creating an illusion of height where it may be lacking. Product Shown: WOW Gradient
For those who do love design with color, the picket brings a striking element to both soft and bold hues. A tile with intentional glaze variation offers the most striking and dramatic picket installation, resulting in a surface with a one-of-a kind appeal. Crossville Handwritten

Pickets can be exaggerated with long, slender grace, bold and wide for a solid statement, or smaller scale for a mosaic application. With more than one appealing application, it’s a shape that is intriguing to the eye while reference a comfortable classic.

Giving due consideration to the shape of your tile as well as the color brings an additional dimension of intent and confidence to any room. Check out the wide array of picket shapes available throughout the Virginia Tile collection and find the perfect material to create your unique point of view.

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